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10 Things You Can Do With a Drone

Drones are a lot of fun. While some users opt to fly their drone around in an empty field, we choose to take a different approach – we have real fun. Drones open up an entirely new world of possibilities that you wouldn’t have without one.

And when you have spent money on the best drones, you must have some fun.

Whether you have the DroneX Pro or the SkycamHD, we’re sure that this list will mention a few things we’ve done with drones that you haven’t done before.

So, what can you do with your drone?

1. Start Taking Aerial Videos

You should be taking aerial video with your drone. Trees and your home may be a good choice to start, but come on, you can get a little more creative. What are a few of the neat aerial videos that you can capture using your drone?

  • Capture fireworks as they explode
  • Take video of boats in the ocean
  • Create time-lapsed videos
  • Capture birds in their nest

You have a new vantagepoint, and this means that it’s time to think outside of the box and take some great videos in the process.

2. Live-Action Filming

Do you ski, ride a snowboard, skateboard, bike, or run? If so, it’s time to have your own entourage follow you around and film you the entire time. What am I talking about? Well, drones can often follow behind their owners.

Some drones can use your phone as a locator and follow behind you.

You can set your drone up to follow you while biking through the mountains or while you skateboard.

Live-action filming is a lot of fun, and you’re the center of attention.

3. Drone Racing

Drone racing is a very real sport. Sure, the sport isn’t as popular as NASCAR, but it’s a sport that has started to become popular across the United States.

How can you begin drone racing?

Join the Drone Racing League.

You can try out for the league, but remember that it’s for the best-of-the-best in the world. Either way, it’s something to aspire to.


It looks like a lot of fun.

4. Create 3D Models

Drones are being used to create 3D models, and this is done by flying around an object and taking pictures of the object from multiple angles. There are software packages, including Pix4D, that will allow you to create 3D models all from the pictures that you take.

You can also use DroneDeploy to make maps using your drone.

This is a fun, new way to start using your drone.

5. Start a Business

Yes, you can start using your drone to start a business. There are plenty of people that have used their drone to start business. What can you do with a drone? Make money. A few neat ideas for a profitable, drone-related business are:

  • Offer to take real estate pictures and videos for people selling their homes
  • Take pictures and videos at weddings
  • Take live-action videos of kids or animals playing

People that don’t own drones or have not been able to master drone photography and video will be happy to pay for your service.

Drones open the world of business to owners, and it’s a hobby that pays very well.

6. Join or Create Drone Clubs

Want to have a lot of fun and socialization? Drone clubs do exist. And if a club around you doesn’t exist, take the time to create one.

There are a lot of people that love drones, and if you fly a drone with others, you’ll find that it’s a completely different experience. Local universities are a good spot to check for clubs, or you can use to create a club.

What’s really neat with bigger clubs is that you’ll:

  • Learn a lot from members
  • Gain experience in flying
  • Learn how to repair or modify drones

Sharing your love for drones with others is always a great option for fans of this hobby.

7. Monitor for Illegal Activity

You want to proceed at your own risk with this one. A lot of drone users are finding out that they can video tape a lot of things – including illegal activity. You may have heard a neighbor’s alarm go off, well flying a drone over the home to capture the thief on camera is a possibility.

Journalists are using drones to capture illegal activity, too.

Drones give you an aerial advantage over a standard camera, allowing you to stay safe while filming.

8. Fly into a Volcano

Seriously. I have seen footage of a drone flying into a volcano. Keep in mind that the drone was destroyed in the process, but the footage remains and offers a neat insight to the damage and destruction that volcanos can produce.

You can do this with:

  • Lakes
  • Waterfalls
  • Mountains

Just be prepared to lose your drone in the process.

9. Create Your Very Own Light Show

The holiday season is here. What better time to tie some LED lights to your drone and fly it at night? A lot of people are even opting to tie lights to their drones in groups, creating long strings of flying lights to illuminate the night sky.

I don’t know about you, but a flying light show for many – me included – is just as fun as watching fireworks explode in the sky.

10. Modify Your Drone

YouTube is a great resource to help you start modifying your drone. Not only can you reduce the drone’s speed, but we’ve seen people create some amazing drone projects. These include:

  • Strapping a machine gun to the drone
  • Using a drone to drop a fishing line
  • Cooking with drones

Modification can be a very expensive hobby, but it’s one of the ways that people have been able to take drones from basic flying machines to real-world solutions.

If you have a drone and you’re not having fun, you’re doing it all wrong. We’ve listed just a few of the many things you can do with a drone and make the most out of your time in the sky.

January 23, 2019


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