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DJI Mavic Pro Drone Review: Is This the King of Drones?

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DJI is like the Cadillac of the drone world. They pioneered the professional photography drone. Their models are steady, and you can typically attach your own GoPro or other similar camera to capture high-quality video and photos. These drones have a pretty good-sized payload, and they can be a little more complicated to fly.

But if you’re serious about aerial photography and video, the DJI is worth every penny.

The Mavic Pro is no exception. And while it’s not perfect, I still think it’s one of the best drones for photographers and cinematographers.

DJI Mavic Pro Features and Specs

The Mavic Pro has a lot going for it in terms of design, size and inner engineering.
Unlike other DJI drones, the Mavic Pro is compact in size:

  • 83mm x 83mm x 198mm when folded

It’s actually smaller than the SkyCamHD drone, which is literally pocket-sized.

But size is just the start of the impressive features this drone offers. I love that this model has FlightAutonomy. What this means is that the Mavic actually has the intelligence to avoid obstacles and hover precisely. Obstacle avoidance is definitely not a feature that you’d find on cheaper drones. And this is a feature that can save you a lot of money on spare parts and repairs. Imagine being able to avoid debris and tree branches that would otherwise cause you to crash and burn.

The Mavic has five cameras, GPS & GLONASS, redundant sensors, 2 ultrasonic range finders and 24 computing cores. This is a seriously sophisticated flying machine.

Want to capture stunning images and video? No problem. The Mavic Pro comes equipped with a 12MP, 4K/30fps camera with 3-axis gimbal stabilization. Max exposure is 8 seconds. That’s pretty impressive. And you can capture footage in Adobe DNG RAW, which allows for professional editing.

You’d think with all of this sophisticated engineering this drone would have a really short flight time. But the Mavic can fly for up to 27 minutes on a single charge. And you can fly up to 40mph in Sport Mode.

The Mavic has a transmission range of up to 4.3 miles and the controller has a display with 1080p/720p live feed.

Foldable and portable, the Mavic Pro has virtually every feature that a professional user needs to capture HD video and photo.

Gesture Feature

The Mavic Pro has a really cool feature called Gesture, which allows you to control your drone with your body. Yes, you read that right. You don’t even need a controller to make your drone move.

When the drone is in flight, just walk into frame and choose gesture. Next, use your arms to make a Y-shape with your body. Once you’re locked on, you can move around and the drone will follow. And when you’re ready to take a photo, use your fingers to create a box. The camera will start flashing to give you a countdown, so you can pose for the photo.


The Mavic’s controller allows you to lock on to subjects to follow it, and its sensors can pick up a wide range of subjects automatically, including:

  • People
  • Boats
  • Bike riders
  • Cars
  • Some animals

And if the Mavic doesn’t automatically recognize your subject, you can draw a box around it using the controller to track it.

There are a few different types of tracking modes:

  • Trace: Will follow your subject as it moves away
  • Spotlight: Will stay on the subject no matter where it moves
  • Profile: Will fly beside the subject in parallel

Terrain Follow

The Terrain Follow feature uses the drone’s sensors to keep the drone at the same height above the ground – even if the ground is rising or falling (like if you’re biking up a mountain).


With TapFly, flying the Mavic is as easy as tapping the screen. Once you’re in the right mode, all you have to do is tap where you want the drone to fly.

The obstacle sensing system will keep your drone from hitting objects you may not see when tapping the screen.

What’s in the Box?

Whenever you buy a drone, you really have to read through the product description carefully. Sometimes, the manufacturer only includes the drone itself. That means you have to buy the battery, propeller, charging cords and everything else to get the drone up and running.

Here’s the good news: the Mavic Pro bundle comes with everything you need to get started, including:

  • The Mavic Pro drone
  • 3 batteries
  • Camera gimbal bundle kit
  • Rapid charger
  • Charging hub
  • SD Cards
  • Extra propellers
  • Controller
  • Charging cords
  • Landing pad
  • Cleaning kit
  • Carrying case

Product Information:

  • FlightAutonomy: 5 cameras, 2 ultrasonic range finders, GPS & GLONASS, 24 computing cores and redundant sensors
  • 12MP, 4K/30fps camera with 3-axis gimbal stabilization; Max 8-second exposure
  • 27-minute flight time; 40mph speed in Sport Mode
  • 4.3-mile transmission range; 1080/720p live feed
  • ActiveTrack: Follows your subject while filming; 3 modes to choose from
  • Gesture Mode: Control the drone with your hands
  • Terrain Follow: Follows the terrain at the same height, even when the ground rises and falls
  • TapFly: Flies to the area you tap on your smartphone screen


  • Compact size
  • Professional-quality camera
  • Long flight time
  • Bundle comes with a bunch of accessories
  • Different modes, like tracking and gesture
  • Long transmission range
  • Advanced camera stabilization


  • High price tag ($1,000+)

I really like that the bundle includes a carrying case. You’re investing a lot of money into this drone, so naturally, you want to protect it.

My DJI Mavic Pro Review

The Mavic Pro is a serious drone for serious users. It comes equipped with sophisticated technology that allows it to avoid obstacles and its precision hovering is hard to beat. The high-end camera also allows you to capture HD photo and video. Stabilization means that your photos and videos are sharp.

I really like that this drone has a follow features, so it will automatically start following your designated subject. These features are great for capturing action videos and sports. Cinematographers will love the tracking features because they can focus on controlling the gimbal to get the best shot – not controlling the drone.

The long flight time gives you plenty of opportunities to take photos and videos. And with 3 batteries total, you can fly for nearly an hour and a half (81 minutes technically).
Overall, I give the DJI Mavic Pro a 90% rating.

Why? Because of the price point. Yes, this model has just about every feature you could ever want in a drone. It’s even pocket-sized. But the high price point may put this drone out of reach for many people. If you’re a professional or a serious hobbyist, the price may not bother you.

And I’ve found that this model is out of stock often.

Aside from these two issues, the DJI Mavic Pro has my seal of approval. It’s hard to beat or even match its quality.

January 11, 2019


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