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Should I Take Lessons on How to Fly a Drone?

A lot of drone owners take things to extremes, and this means taking lessons on flying a drone. I’m personally the type of person that loves to learn on their own. I mean, experience is the only way that you’ll really master flying a drone.

But if you’ve been drone reviews and are considering hiring someone to give you lessons, there is surely someone in your area that is willing to take your money.

Sites like UAV Coach have coaching sessions across several states. In-person classes are about 90 minutes long and will teach you hands-on.

What You Need to Understand About Lessons

You’re committed to going to lessons, but before you do, I have a few things that I want to explain about these classes.

  1. Drones are normally provided. And while this sounds like a good thing, it’s often not. Now, let’s assume you’ve read our SkyCamHD review, and you’ve purchased the drone. But your instructor brings along the high-end DJI drone to learn on. Flying is drastically different between these two drones, so you’ll likely be learning on a drone that you won’t be flying.
  2. Basic skills are often covered in great detail, and while these skills are a must-know, you don’t really need to pay someone else to help you master the basics. Spend some time and learn them for free.

Now, your instructor may help you out a lot, but it’s not going to be great if you learn how to use the DJI’s app and features that your drone doesn’t have. You’ll be paying for a lot of information that you won’t be using.

But you’ll be able to ask questions to your instructor, which will help make you a better pilot.

What I Recommend You Do Instead

You know, drones are huge – they’re everywhere. People love flying their drone around and capturing awesome video, pictures or just memories flying their drone. It’s an amazing pastime, and it’s one that you need to really spend time on.

If you give yourself a weekend to play around with your drone, you’ll be able to fly around with relative ease.

Before trying to figure out what you can do with a drone, follow these recommendations:

Step 1: Read the Instructions

Drones can be complicated, and depending on your drone, there may be a lot of features and functions that you didn’t know existed. Spend your time reading through the instruction manual to familiarize yourself with the drone’s features.


Some of these features will be able to help you prevent a crash or other mishap when operating your drone.

If you don’t know that these features exist or how to use them properly, you’re going to be at a major disadvantage.

Step 2: Start Learning to Take Off and Land

I’m assuming that you have already put the battery into your drone, charged it up and have found out how you’re supposed to control the drone. You may have a controller, or you may have to use your smartphone to control your drone.

In either case, you’ll want to grab your device and get started with the basics of landing and taking off.

You’ll do this by:

  1. Positioning your drone on a solid, steady surface. You need a good surface to land and take off from.
  2. Push your throttle slowly, often upwards, to begin the take-off process.
  3. Your drone will start to come off of the ground.

Pay close attention to the pitch of the drone, or how even the drone is. A lot of drones will start to lean forward or backwards, so you’ll need to adjust the pitch using your controls. Compensate for the pitch using the opposite commands, so if the drone is leaning left, counterbalance it by adjusting the pitch to the right.

Practice lift off slowly, and make sure to practice landing going in the reverse sequence above.

Landing requires you to push the accelerator in the opposite direction. You’ll want to spend a lot of time practicing taking off and landing so that you’ll be able to land carefully anywhere you choose.

Step 3: Practice Rotation

Rotation will allow you to quickly turn or rotate the drone. You’ll need to learn how to execute this command before taking off and recording video. The tricky part is, when using a quadcopter, determining which direction the drone is facing.

This can make maneuvering the drone difficult.

Slowly adjust the drone’s position, paying close attention to its orientation so that you always know which direction the drone is facing.

Once you’ve learned proper rotation, go for a spin trying to learn how to adjust the pitch against strong winds that may have an impact on your drone’s flight.

After you understand the basics, start using more controls together at one time. You may want to speed up while adjusting the pitch, or you may want to adjust the yaw or even roll if your drone allows you to do so.

Play with all of the features and controls, trying to learn how to use them all in conjunction with one another.

Additional Tips to Learn How to Fly a Drone Better

Practice really does make perfect when learning to fly a drone, but there are some additional steps you can take to master your drone’s flight even further:

  • YouTube. YouTube is your friend, and a lot of people with the same model drone that you have will have tips online on how to fly your drone properly. Seek out these videos to learn tips from other experienced pilots.
  • MeetUp. I am a big fan of MeetUp because you can join or create groups where you’ll meet others that have drones. You can meet with these enthusiasts, learn to fly together and take tips from more advanced pilots than yourself.

When flying, allow yourself to have fun and not take everything so seriously. As long as you don’t crash your drone, you’ll be able to continue practicing and advancing your skill. And if you do crash, there are sure to be replacement parts to repair your drone.

January 17, 2019


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